Stop Pest!

It is not just our copper tools that will help you keep the pests from eating the plants in your garden. We now stock a range of earth-friendly pest control products for you, to help when the garden is out of balance. These include natural pest control for: Whitefly Cabbage white Leatherjacket Mealybug Aphids We can even help your chickens with a chicken mite killer! See the whole range of natural pest control products. If you need natural help with pests, Modern Mint can help.    


Our Desert Island Plant

For the Chelsea Fringe 2016 Modern Mint are asking you a simple question: What is your Desert Island Plant? We know, we know – it is a tough question to answer! Out of all the plants out there, all the wonderful flowers you could choose – which could you not live without? See what other people have chosen. We thought long and hard about our choice. A few of the also-rans were: Wild primrose. The ‘first rose’ of the year, a simple flower with a beautiful soft colour. Looks as great en-masse as it does when you peer closely at …



Which Copper Trowel Is For Me?

castor trowel

Which Copper Trowel is Best for Me? At Modern Mint we offer three copper trowels – the Mira, the Musca and the Castor. Each has a uniqueness in shape and feel, as well as how they can be best utilised by the gardener. As we often get asked what is the difference between them too, we have written a short, handy guide on the different places in the garden we use them. Hope this helps you decide which copper trowel is best for you! 1) Musca – our favourite at the moment, we have been using this non-stop in the …