A Low Maintenance Garden

Here we are in May, the weather is warm, we have had some rain and the sap is rising – you look around your garden and all you will see is the maintenance issues, the jobs that are to be done. How do you cope with a garden that threatens to overtake you? Well, here are some ideas for you, to reduce the work load and give yourself a low maintenance garden – all without reducing the amount of flowers you have! Low Maintenance Garden Ideas 1) Plant Shrubs The New Perennial Movement has turned people off planting shrubs in …



Midori Shintani, Gardener

In Gardens Illustrated magazine a few issues back, they had an interview with Midori Shintani, the Head Gardener of Tokachi Millenium Forest. (You can find photos of the work done by designer Dan Pearson in the Millenium Forest here, at his website.) She told the story of how she came to be there with great eloquence. She had learned the tea ceremony, ikebana and calligraphy before studying horticulture – “I enjoyed the course, but I still did not know what I should become… for 11 years I struggled to choose my path.” This is the case with a lot of …



Renting Gardens Manifesto

This Renting Gardens Manifesto is a follow on from an earlier post about Gardening in Rented Accommodation. Renting accommodation on a 12 month basis and gardening are not compatible. Our solution is this: The Renting Gardens Manifesto What Do We Want? A register of landlords who have gardens. A register of gardeners who know they rent accommodation on a short-term basis. What Do We Do? Put one network in touch with the other to create a web of gardens that are used on a custodianship basis. Why Do The Landlords Benefit? You get your garden looked after. For free. It adds …