I love planting trees – both the physical act itself, and the ripple effect it has on the future.

By planting trees now we improve the landscape, the country and the wellbeing of ourselves and wildlife further down the line. This is the profit to be made in planting trees – you do not quantify it with a £ sign, but succeed by cultivating a better place to live.

To satiate my desire to plant trees, I am planting a grove of them with Trees For Life.

My aim is to get 1000 trees planted by the end of 2024 (currently there are 422 in the ground, end of the year 2023!)

And you can help.

For just £6, you too can plant a tree in the Modern Mint Grove.

Plant A Tree Now

Alternatively, contact me to discuss how I can help you plant some trees in your garden in the Autumn.