Charlotte Molesworth’s Garden In The FT

The lovely garden of my mentor Charlotte Molesworth is featured here in the Financial Times in the last week or so… She has been interviewed lots of times but I thought this was a particularly great piece, with some photos done at unusual angles and different parts… so well worth a read. For more on topiary by Charlotte Molesworth…


Topiary Workshops 2023

I will be teaching a number of topiary workshops in 2023. Listed below with links to see all the details about how to book: Northern School of Gardening, near Harrogate – April 27th 2023 Madoo Conservancy, New York – May 12th 2023 Madoo Conservancy, New York – May 13th 2023 Gunnebo House, Gothenburg – June 29th 2023 Waltham Place, near Maidenhead – September 8th 2023 WFGA, Kent – September 9th 2023 I hope to add more through the year, but please do email me if you want to be added to a reminder list when dates are announced. And as …



Topiary Skills Workshop Waltham Place

I will be teaching a Topiary Skills Workshop at Waltham Place in September 2023! For more information and to book your spot on the course do visit the Waltham Place website. In this 3 hour course you will learn everything you need to know about pruning and making topiary – as well as getting some practise in as well! No experience necessary, just a positive attitude and a pair of shears needed… I can help you sharpen and clean everything up before we begin, so don’t panic if your tools are a little rough! During the session you will: ‍Topiary should be …