All Gardens Great & Small, With Miranda Hart

So here we have a new programme – All Gardens Great And Small – with the comedienne Miranda Hart and her gardening mother, Dee Hart-Dyke. You can watch the first episode here on More4. And here we are with our tools out, soaking up the sunshine on the day of filming. The #tools #garden #pruning #topiary #sunshine #work A post shared by ModernMint (@modernmintshop) on May 15, 2017 at 5:41am PDT But why would you watch All Gardens Great And Small? Why especially this first episode? Because you can see the wonderful work of our friend, topiary artist Charlotte Molesworth, …



Making & Maintaining Topiary – Help From Modern Mint

Topiary Service Modern Mint offers a topiary service. This means you contact us asking for a helping hand. It can be a shrub, hedge or small tree. Darren (that’s me) will then visit you and work out how to make it look great. Architectural. Lighter. A thing of beauty.   Formal Topiary? Or Organic? There are a few different styles of topiary, and as with any art each ‘pruner’ will bring their own imagination to bear on the piece they make. Two of the most distinct schools are the formal and the organic. Organic topiary is where you allow the plant …




Topiary season is well under way and here at Modern Mint each day brings something new to clip. Normally, we use these shears – and end up with shapes that look like this…. Todays blobbery #topiary #gardening A post shared by ModernMint (@modernmintshop) on Jun 19, 2017 at 11:34am PDT A groups of blobs is called a blobbery. Of course. If you have a topiary project to make or maintain, do contact us now – happy to help you with pruning!