Making & Maintaining Topiary

Topiary Service Modern Mint now offers a topiary service. So if you get stuck with an old tree or hedge that you aren’t sure what to do with – but know you don’t want to cut it down – then contact us and we will give you a helping hand.   This bay tree use to be an overgrown mess, with no real presence. It felt unloved, unnecessary and out of place, taking up space right by the path as you enter the back garden. We lifted the bottom branches to show off the trunks, reduced the height and width and …




Topiary season is well under way and here at Modern Mint each day brings something new to clip. Normally, we use these shears – and end up with shapes that look like this…. Todays blobbery #topiary #gardening A post shared by ModernMint (@modernmintshop) on Jun 19, 2017 at 11:34am PDT A groups of blobs is called a blobbery. Of course. If you have a topiary project to make or maintain, do contact us now – happy to help you with pruning!


Balmoral Cottage NGS May 14th 2017

  For more about the garden and why it is worth a visit, check out the topiary work of the owner Charlotte Molesworth. If you head to Benenden Church, you will be right on the Green and be able to see the yellow signs showing where to park. There will be a film crew there in the morning, making a piece about the NGS. It will eventually be part of this series, with a comedienne full of Hart…. Finally, here are some quick photos of the clipping done in the last few weeks, ready for your visit on May 14th…. …