Recommended Reading: Planting Diaries – Sian Rees

planting diaries

Came across this post a little while back, about ‘A Revival of English Topiary’. Great little look at the clipped trees of the Dutch being brought to the UK, with fantastic photos and ideas on what were the most popular figures…. “Pyramids, mop-heads and blunt cones… sitting hens, geese and ducks are common designs, and to protect the verdant poultry one may obtain equally verdant dogs.” Verdant dogs? I love that! Sounds like a pulp fiction novel, a blood lust of a Western, rather than a 14 year old figurative yew plant placed as a visual joke into an English …



Organic Topiary Blobs

organic topiary blob autumn

How Organic Topiary can change each year… Summer 2019   Autumn 2020   I wonder if my mood on the day I clipped changed how I cut the piece? From the softness and the curves of 2019, to the edged, more nuanced and angular ‘sculpture’ of last week…. What will the next 18 months bring for this piece? If you would liek to see more of my topiary, go here.


The Telegraph Wrote About My Topiary Work Yesterday

If you have a subscription, you can check out an article about bespoke ideas for your garden in the Telegraph. There are some great crafts people there, so check it out. Click Here To See The Article About my Topiary Work In The Telegraph