Further Reading For ‘Capture Carbon In Your Garden’

Capture Carbon In Your Garden is the title of our 2017 Chelsea Fringe project. To help you find all the information you need about it, check out these links below: Capture Carbon In Your Garden – explaining the project. 5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Capture Carbon In Your Garden – the infographic! Ditch The Power Tools – a favourite blog post! Who Has Inspired Our Project? My Country Is Carbon Negative Use Less Fossil Fuels Dalefoot Composts – Peat Free compost on the TV. Have You Tried A Cycling Gardener? 50 Shades of Sustainability  Buy Once, Buy Well …



Topiary & The Gardenista Website

Darren of Modern Mint gets a mention in this wonderful interview on the Gardenista website with our favourite topiary mentor, Charlotte Molesworth…. Find out here what Charlotte asked for from guests on her wedding day. For more about Charlotte and the work she and Darren do, check out his blog post.


Flowers From The Farm – In The Media!

After many years of hard work, the wonderful group ‘Flowers From The Farm’ have been spoken about quite a lot this week in the media. We were a ‘seedling’ on Flowers From The Farm when they first began their quest to bring fresh, seasonal flowers to more people. They have since grown and adapted and, importantly, supported so many people who want to grow flowers. We think they do a marvellous job and are so pleased to have seen them in the Financial Times, then the Guardian. Great reads so do go and check them out, then visit the FFTF …