Vertical Sea Farming

Vertical sea farming is a term we had never come across before, until today, when we read – no, devoured! – this brilliant blog post by sea farmer Bren Smith. In the blog he talks about how to have a low impact when farming the sea, the amazing effects the way he works has on encouraging a thriving eco-system, the experiments and innovations he made in creating a 3-D ocean farm and how reducing barriers to entry help more people work in a way that suits the ocean. We cannot emphasise enough how wonderful this is, so please do grab …



Rabbits: Rabbit Proof Planting

One Way to Deal with Rabbits in the Garden When planting new borders at Waltham Place, the wonderful gardener Henk Gerritsen did this to stop rabbits from eating the new plants… “It is a well known fact that once a perennial plant border has established itself, it becomes far less appealing for grazing animals, as young plants are much tastier. In order to protect the new plantings, it was decided to scatter large quantities of seed of fast growing biennials, such as hemlock and woolly burdock. The first plant is so poisonous no animal would dare eat it…” Poisoning with …



Garden Consultancy With Darren Of Modern Mint

large country estate

Garden Consultancy “Darren has a keen sense of the look and feel of a garden and is always following garden ideas both from the UK and internationally. Our only regret is that we did not implement more.” Tim, Berkshire Client, UK If you are a keen gardener, but perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you with your space, then a garden consultation may be for you. It is one of the most popular services I offer. Probably because it is great value for what you get. “Thank you for today, we are both greatly enthused and fingers are itching …