Bee Friendly Bulbs

Modern Mint, as purveyors of the finest bee friendly daffodils, tulips and alliums, are proud to present to you their …



5 Gardening Books For Your Bookshelf

Gardening Books That You Really Must Have Close By For Reference: A) Dream Plants for the Natural Garden B) Jekka’s Complete Herb Book C) The Well-Tempered Garden D) The Well-Tended Perennial Garden E) Digging Deep in the Garden You can read more about our favourite books and quickly soak up the best ideas gardening has to offer, by checking out some of the books we have reviewed at Modern Mint…. Click here to check out the book reviews.


Wild Farming at Village Farm

Awhile back the internet and its web of click throughs led us to discover a relatively new farm right on the tip of the South Devon coast. We read a little about it, bookmarked the website to revisit, then promptly forgot it. Then this interview with the farmer, Rebecca Hosking, appeared on the BBC – Wild Farming. A brilliant 20 minutes of radio where Rebecca explains why they farm the way they do and what they hope to achieve, namely turning a neglected piece of land that would fail to inspire if farmed conventionally into a wildlife rich, productive habitat …



Best Gardening Hat

gardening hat

The photo above has a truly international flavour – an Italian wearing a Brazilian gardening hat! Our very own Stefano posed for this shot last week in Chelmsford, Essex, surrounded by the beautiful flower heads of Stipa gigantea (a plant that has an exotic travelling history itself, being found growing wild in Southern Spain and into Morocco…) He was wearing a new product we have here at Modern Mint – the eco-friendly gardening hat! This is a product we discovered about 12 months ago when one of our lovely clients told us about it. He said it was durable, strong, …