Botanist Gin

We are, as those keen followers of Modern Mint will know, a little bit excited about British gin. One of our longest and best blog posts is all about it – Best UK Gin 2017. To help you choose a great gin, we have (unselfishly) been trying lots of new ones during the year. Here is one, Botanist Gin, that we think is excellent…. Do take a closer look at other recommendations though – they have been well-tested!


Nose Tickler

What the hell is a nose tickler??!!??!! Don’t panic. Let Modern Mint explain….   A nose tickler is a brand new product we are now showcasing at Modern Mint. It is hand made in the UK and each and every single one is different – different woods are used, as well as different finishes (some are with bark, some are without.) The only part that stays the same is that the tickling part of the nose tickler is made of pure bristle. All natural baby…   We found out about the nose tickler a little while ago, when we did …



Gifts for Difficult People

Need a gift for someone and they are just so difficult to buy for? We all have a family member, friend or colleague like it – they give you no clues as to what they might like, no ideas for what they might need and appreciate, no signs for something that might just make them smile come Christmas. They are, all in all, a difficult one to buy for. This is where Modern Mint can come in and help you. Gifts for Difficult People – wildlife/outdoorsy types If they love nature and being outside, we definitely have ideas to help …