Nose Tickler

What the hell is a nose tickler??!!??!! Don’t panic. Let Modern Mint explain….   A nose tickler is a brand …



Kapok Pillow

Kapok pillow

Kapok Pillow – Please note we no longer stock this item. Visit Our Shop For Keen Gardeners Here The Kapok Pillow at Modern Mint Our pillows are made from natural kapok. Kapok fibre is cotton-like and is known as silk cotton, or Java cotton. You will find the kapok tree in rainforests in Asia, but is a native of Central America. It is important to know this, as the harvesting of the fibre – labour-intensive as it is – becomes vital for local economies and provides work for communities in countries where it is needed. No only that, but because …



Gifts for Difficult People

Need a gift for someone and they are just so difficult to buy for? We all have a family member, friend or colleague like it – they give you no clues as to what they might like, no ideas for what they might need and appreciate, no signs for something that might just make them smile come Christmas. They are, all in all, a difficult one to buy for. This is where Modern Mint can come in and help you. Gifts for Difficult People – wildlife/outdoorsy types If they love nature and being outside, we definitely have ideas to help …



Modern Mint at 300

  Modern Mint Reaches 300 Blog Posts! Less than 3 years since we started blogging at Modern Mint, we have reached our 300th blog post today, with this one! 300! It has been a monumental effort by a few different people (Darren, quite a lot, Chloe, a fair bit, then some other fantastic garden writers too…) There have been some amazing and incredibly useful posts along the way. Some awful ones too (hands up again Darren!) But it goes without saying that you need to throw yourself out there and do it, in order to find your voice. And after 300 blog posts we think Modern Mint really …