My name is Darren. I am a gardener who specialises in topiary and pruning.

Topiary Artist Darren Lerigo

I travel all over the country pruning topiary and hedges for keen gardeners. Sometimes the work is formal, whilst other times I am asked to create something more sculptural and organic in style.

What all my clients have in common is a love for making their garden a better place to spend time in.

My work was photographed for the Artisan Series in The Guardian.

topiary artist

My Favourite Topiary To Make…

Is when I am asked to prune an existing plant or hedge in a way that accentuates the particular quality it has.

There is an art to this – you are in conversation with the plant and the landscape around it.

not made by power tools
topiary design hedgesprune boxwood june


This is the work that thrills me the most, when I am asked to bring my sense of humour to an unloved part of the garden, and elevate it with a few judicious cuts….

great topiary

My topiary mentor is Charlotte Molesworth – The Queen of Topiary! Charlotte’s garden is a treasure trove of yew, boxwood and deciduous topiary, narrowed native hedges, pollarded elbows of elm and experiments in the art of pruning.

It has been a privilege to learn with her (and you can too! Book onto our Topiary Workshop September 2022.)

topiary artists

Other Pruning In The Garden…

During the winter I prune wisteria, roses and fruit trees in gardens and orchards all over the UK. It is cold and I am often frozen to the ladder, but come the summer you appreciate why time had to be made for the work…

wisteria pruning

I use minimal tools – just my sharp, shiny Japanese shears and battery powered hedge trimmers. This helps reduce noise pollution as much as lowering my carbon footprint.

shears or power tools

If you have a garden that you wish to improve, or have a question about topiary and pruning, please do contact me.

I am more than happy to help.


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