10 Plants for Rain Gardens

For those of you ahead of the bell curve, working on the edges of contemporary garden design, then you will of course be building a rain garden – to slow down, filter, store and re-use rainwater in the garden. To help you, here are 10 plants for rain gardens…. Rudbeckia Persicaria Eupatorium Monarda Aster Hosta Iris Miscanthus Carex Cornus What do you notice about these plants? They are all good, tough garden plants whether you have a rain garden or not. Use them! As a bonus – Crocosmia, Bergenia, Hellebore and Sanguisorba will not have a problem being flooded occasionally …



Worth Checking Out… Desert Island Plants

Don’t forget we have our Chelsea Fringe 2016 project under way! We are looking for submissions of your Desert Island Plants, so do get in touch and tell us what flowers you can’t live without! Want to know what others have already sent us? Check it out – Desert Island Plants.


Gardening? There’s an App for That!

Gardening? There’s an App for That! On Earth Day 2016, gardening industry juggernaut Scotts released its own branded gardening mobile app. Simply called Gro, the app goes beyond the scope of your typical educational gardening app by allowing users to automate watering via linked smart sprinkler systems such as those by Rachio and PlantLink. Although the app is best used with the aforementioned automated gardening systems, its educational component is still not to be missed. Tell it your location and it’ll give you a list of recommended gardening projects customized for your area, its local climate, and the availability of …