How Much Maintenance Does Artificial Grass Require?

About the Author: Anthony Gallagher is the Managing Director of Easigrass. Under his stewardship, Easigrass became the first artificial grass company in the world to exhibit a show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2010. If you are investing in artificial grass, it is important to know how to maintain your lawn to keep it in the very best possible condition. Most artificial grass products come with a guarantee of between eight to ten years but if you take the time to look after it properly, it can easily last double this. One of the main attractions of artificial …



Michael Pollan – Cooked

Michael Pollan, in Cooked: “As I grew more steadily comfortable in the kitchen, I found that, much like gardening, most cooking manages to be agreeably absorbing without being to demanding intellectually. It leaves plenty of mental space for daydreaming and reflection.” This post is about the Michael Pollan book Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. In our exploration of gardening and how it affects our lives we have found ourselves reading deeper and deeper into the connection gardening has with food – so this Michael Pollan book seemed a good choice to read, and are we glad we did…! He looked …



Green Oak

Last week Modern Mint visited Terry Facey, British Embassy furniture maker and now designer and craftsman of Green Oak and Iron furniture. He sums up his new range as “simple, environmentally friendly furniture”. Terry has been selling his designs all over the world – and not just for private individuals. If you happen to find yourself in a British Embassy of some far off land, you may just stumble across one of his designs as for a long time he was a supplier to the Foreign Office. “I’ve been a furniture designer and maker for over 40 years, though I started …