The ‘Modern Mint Grove’ At Trees For Life

Modern Mint has planted a grove of trees at Trees For Life! Trees for Life are a charity in Scotland, planting trees in order to rewild the Highlands. What Trees Are They Planting In The Grove? Alder Aspen Birch Cherry Elder Hazel Holly Juniper Oak Rowan Scots Pine Willow Yew What Wildlife Will Tree Planting Encourage In the Grove? Just a few of the wonderful and most resonant of the animals tree planting will encourage include: Red squirrel Otter Scottish wildcat Pine Martens Beaver Capercaillie Golden Eagle Osprey   Does Tree Planting Have Other Benefits? Of course! What the trees do best …



Planting Trees At Modern Mint

Planting Trees At Modern Mint Through the charity Trees For Life, Modern Mint are planting trees. I spend my days working with trees and shrubs, shaping and pruning them into odd shapes. Like this abstract duck, for example… But it is not just clipping trees – I love planting trees too. Planting Trees To Save The Planet Modern Mint should be doing more to encourage the planting of trees. When I see articles like this one about the melting glaciers in Iceland, read the words of warning about climate catastrophe by Greta Thunberg or note the denials that humanity has done …



Planting Trees In The UK

This June, we have been talking about planting trees in the UK. Update March 2020: We now have a Grove Of Trees You Can Add To – Visit Here To Plant a Tree Why Plant Trees In The UK? Our recent Chelsea Fringe project was about using your garden to capture carbon. One way of doing that was to plant trees. Trees take carbon from the air and turn in into…. themselves. Trees and woodlands are not actually the largest stores of carbon on the planet – that accolade goes to our oceans, followed up by our soils – but …