Boring Plants Are Great

You will probably see these plants in quite a few gardens, they are well-known and a bit old hat. Only today we spoke with a gardener who complained about Verbena bonariensis being too common, too over-used, too tall and too boring. Geez! We were overwhelmed by the anger. It hasn’t done that much wrong and we must say, we don’t think that of Verbena bonariensis. Which is why we want to give a shout out in this blog to plants that are given a bad deal by people, just because everyone has them or knows them. They may be boring in …



Grown-up Gardening


The comic below is called Grown-ups. We share it with you because it tells us something important about being a Modern Gardener – more important by far than learning Latin plant names (though they are important) and saving water (that is necessary too!) This comic shows us that as  a gardener, a Modern Gardener, we have a responsibility to the space we call our home. We get to decide how to use it, what we put in it, the way we interact with the flora and fauna that we share it with. As a Modern Gardener, as a grown-up, we decide …



How To Make A Flower Border From Scratch (Part 2)

Aster x frikartii

In Part One of How To Make A Flower Border From Scratch we told you a little about our first forays into making a flower border – the curiosity we had at the start, the sheer numbers of questions and time we spent asking people just ‘how do you do it?’ This follow on blog explores soil dynamics and how it encourages a different way of looking at a border, seeing what is derived from nature and how it could reduce the number of plants you lose… Read Part 1 of How To Make a Flower Border from Scratch Starting with …