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This Blog Is About Corporate Gifts Corporate gifts – sounds boring, doesn’t it? We searched the internet for examples of …



Growing Cut Flowers

Mystic Van Eik

Growing Cut Flowers in the UK One of the most amazing ways you can use your garden space here in the UK is to grow your own cut flowers. Cut flowers are such an unusual product – they are basically plants that are being chopped whilst in their prime, sent out for sale, then we are buying them and placing them in a vase in order to watch them die. To do this with flowers grown in other countries means the flowers are put through several modes of transport (trucks, planes, lorries, trucks again, then cars…) just to reach our homes. It …



Arnold Schwarzenegger & Climate Change

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just before Christmas last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger (of Mr Universe, Terminator, Governor of California fame… you’ve heard of him, right?) posted a short essay on Facebook about climate change. It was titled: I don’t give a **** if we agree about climate change   A fantastic, emotive title, but even better is what he had to say in the post – he refused to spend the time debating with naysayers who didn’t believe in climate change. Just took this waste of time and energy arguing about ‘the facts’  right out of the equation. “To use one of the four-letter words …



Earth Friendly Gardening Books

Earth Friendly Gardening Books Modern Mint are thrilled to announce we now have a collection of Earth Friendly Gardening Books now in stock! Written by the brilliant and award winning gardener John Walker (who gave us a fantastic interview on this blog last year) we can now offer you the following titles in his oeuvre… The Brand New Book ‘Weeds’ The Practical ‘How To Create An Eco Garden’ 2 Book Collection of Essays ‘Digging Deep’ Click on the photos above to read more about what makes these books such a worthwhile read… or visit the Modern Mint Shop. If you want …