Do I Really Hate Lawns?

daisy lawns

Lawns? Huh! Yea…. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Ok, that is not quite right. I’ve just bastardised the song ‘War’ by Edwin Starr. Forgive me that, Edwin. But I seem to be gaining a reputation as a hater of the lawn, a disliker of the green green grass (of home). This is not strictly true. And here is my defence. In my garden talks I often suggest the lawn is worth reducing, or even removing completely. This is because I have cut so many lawns in my life that I really can’t be bothered cutting them anymore. They …



Opium Tea, Nick Cave

This song is fantastic! If you want to make opium tea, you won’t do it with our poppy seedball mix. But they are still worth getting, and spreading, around your garden. Finish listening to the song, then check out our Poppy Seedballs!  


Rare Breeds Survival Trust

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is a charity that raises money for conservation work to take place with the UK’s native breeds of farm animals and poultry. Its annual watchlist of breeds threatened with too few numbers is the most important document they produce, as it highlights the success they have in saving breeds from being lost and which breeds need the most help. Why should we keep the rare breeds alive? First of all, they look brilliant (this isn’t as flimsy a case for conservation as you think, honest…) Check out the beautiful Suffolk Punch. These horses were bred to …