Seed Sowing Compost

  We have been asked to share a recipe for seed compost but, as always happens, it turns out there is far more to it than we originally thought… Marina Christopher’s Seed Sowing Compost Recipe “I mix equal parts of a sterilised peat-based seed compost with a soil-based John Innes formula (it really doesn’t matter if it is grade 1, 2 or 3) and a 1-3mm washed grit. This is all passed through a large mesh sieve (approx 1 sq cm) to remove the largest particles. Mix it all up in a large clean wheelbarrow and you get a heavy, …




We run several lawncare programmes for clients in both Essex and Hampshire. We start our programmes by asking the client the most important lawncare question… When they have answered that (many clients are incredibly adept at describing what they want from their lawn) we devise them a programme that will help them get what they want. The lawn in the picture above is one we are now in our second year of working on. The client is pleased at how well it is standing up to conditions, but we think it would look even better if the client’s garden help …



(Fifty) Shades of Green

Shades of Green is a book by Paul Waddington, giving you some common sense advice on how to live more sustainably. It is well put together and gently teaches you how broad the spectrum of green living is. From starting the book with ‘don’t fly’ (brave way to split your readers on page one!) to sharing ways on how to live without a fridge (how did people stop their food spoiling before refrigeration?) we list below some of the ideas, both dark green and lighter green, we liked the most from his book. Do check it out – Shades Of Green: …