The Most Important Lawncare Question

The most important lawncare question… …is what do you want your lawn to do? If you want a fine, green, healthy, thick, lush, short sward that is moss free, your children can play football on when it rains, cricket on when it is bone dry, the dog can urinate all over and can take a marquee stuck on top of it for a week… then you will need to invest a lot of resources to make that happen. But if you want a hard-wearing lawn that looks good – that is possible, and can be achieved with a few simple treatments and …



The Beth Chatto Gardens

The great writers have a wide range about their work. They will go from a tragic scene to a comedic scene, melodrama to vulgarity, realism to fantasy…and tie it all together, make it seem as if this width of styles fits together seamlessly and simply…because it does. It gets described as ‘their’ style. Would you strive for the same in your garden? This is not easy to do, it takes a lot of experience, and practise. It takes guts to try it. To be bold! Beth Chatto is an example of someone who did this. She drew on what she …



Organisations We Love and Support

A common theme between these groups is that they support long term initiatives and developments. We feel this is the best work, and relates to how we want to do things here at Modern Mint – partner up and be generous for the long run. Have a good look yourself! The Tree Council Why not apply to be a tree warden? Garden Organic Adopt a vegetable (and annoy a meat loving friend!) South East Essex Organic Gardeners Our local (well, local enough) group here in Essex. And lastly, our absolute favourite… Rare Breeds Survival Trust The 2013 watchlist contained 1 …