“Thank YOU for such a blissful and inspiring afternoon. You are a generous and thoughtful teacher. I need to sign up to more courses – this is just the beginning!”

Non Morris, Gardens Illustrated Magazine

I teach in three ways, that together give you a strong foundation to get creative in your own garden.

  1. Workshops
    Focus on the practical skills you need to clip. My next workshop is in Kent, September 2022.

    Courses are also available via The European Boxwood And Topiary Society .
    Or contact me to arrange a workshop for your group.
  2. Seminar On Topiary Composition
    Taught via Zoom, this talk gives you a foundational knowledge of classic topiary shapes and how to use them in the garden.
    Focus is on creativity and developing your design instinct.

    Book a ticket here.
    Or contact me to book a session for your group.
  3. One To One Practice
    I visit your garden and we work together on your shrubs and topiaries.
    This draws together the practical and creative strands of topiary making, encouraging you to experiment and get better, faster.
    Contact me with your address and what you want to clip in your garden. Prices start from £300.

“Thanks Darren, and what a brilliant morning you gave us all. A fun delivery and lots of good advice.”

Rosemary Alexander, English Gardening School

If you are a keen or professional gardener, garden designer or creative wanting to kick start a new way of working, one of these pruning courses could be for you.

Email me to learn about topiary and sculpting with plants and green architecture.