Organic Bulbs – A Simple Way To Help The Honeybee

This is the third year we have been selling Organic Bulbs here at Modern Mint.   We have always been a fan of using daffodils, tulips and crocus to provide colour to the garden early in the year, but it was only upon reading research done by the ‘Earth Friendly Gardener’ John Walker that we realised we may have been causing problems. Organic Bulbs Are Better For Bees It turns out that bulbs grown with chemicals can store the poison in the heart of the bulb. When the variety you have chosen pushes its stem up through the cold, spring …



Ivo Graham

Ivo Graham is a comedian. We met him, and some of his family, last year at a Christmas Fair. He bought a gift for his father (a log gobbler, which he thought his dad would find funny….) and in the process of buying it also supported the charity the Christmas Fair was raising money for. He was a lovely chap and laughed a lot. We like that in our customers….! Then lo and behold, here he is, providing 30 minutes of funny on the BBC – check it out: Ivo Graham – Live from the BBC He will also be …



Best Gin 2017 – The Most Useful Guide to UK Gin

Gin – associated with tonic, to be sipped while reclining on a deckchair in the sun. Sounds like the dream of every gardener we have ever met! In this post we discuss: What we learnt about the botanicals in gin. The Gin rated the best in the world The 4 Major Botanicals every gin is based on – including the one that is legally required! World Gin Day What Winston Churchill said about Gin The best UK gin we have tried so far. Last August we met the wonderful Jekka McVicar and she said something so interesting about how gin is …