How To Sharpen Shears

Shears Ultimate gift set

We often get asked – how do I sharpen my shears? In this blog, we will give you simple to follow instructions on exactly how to do it. But first, you have to have the right shears and the right equipment….     Our hedge shears of choice are these red and white handled ones from Japan.   They look the bees knees. And they are. The steel is incredible, meaning it is sharp enough to cut the vegetation you want cut down. Because the steel is so good, you can also sharpen it back to factory sharpness. Cheap steel, …



Copper Tools, Post-Brexit

We are sorry to say there has been a price increase in our copper tools. These incredible tools/works of art are handmade in Europe and since we have left the EU the unfavourable exchange rate no longer allows us to absorb increased costs from production. This comes at the same time that the tools are gaining huge popularity worldwide (hurray for sensible folk who want to garden with great tools that last a lifetime, rather than throwaway rubbish!) and the foundry are struggling to keep up with demand. For example, only one person does the brazing on the large copper tools …



Which Copper Trowel Is For Me?

castor trowel

Which Copper Trowel is Best for Me? At Modern Mint we offer three copper trowels – the Mira, the Musca and the Castor. Each has a uniqueness in shape and feel, as well as how they can be best utilised by the gardener. As we often get asked what is the difference between them too, we have written a short, handy guide on the different places in the garden we use them. Hope this helps you decide which copper trowel is best for you! 1) Musca – our favourite at the moment, we have been using this non-stop in the …