Meet Stefano

Stefano works with us at Modern Mint, designing gardens with Darren (who, incidentally, also does garden talks) and turning his …



Garden Club Speaker

Darren Lerigo Modern Mint

Update Right Now – I am only booking talks via Zoom for 2022/2023 A speaker for your audience? A speaker for your audience via Zoom? “I don’t think I have ever had so many positive comments about a speaker, thank you for making my job a success!” Wrabness Gardening Club Please note this page holds a lot of information. If you are a speaker finder from a group or club, you may wish to visit this shorter page to see about booking Darren to give a talk. Otherwise, if you want to know everything, carry on reading below! Garden Club …




easy Topiary

That’s right, late spring is the time for clipping and pruning those box hedges, balls, cones and other weird and wonderful shapes you have in your garden. So here is a small selection of photos from our work this year… … we have written before about topiary, so please do delve deeper into our blog to discover more about what the heck it is we are trying to achieve when we get out the shears and secateurs, and why creating a piece of ‘live sculpture’ in your garden may well be the best thing you could do this year… The …



Copper Tools: Why Do We Sell Them At Modern Mint?

Update – I no longer sell them at Modern Mint. But my favourite garden Waltham Place does! Copper Tools. Why Do We Sell Them At Modern Mint? You are probably reading this post because you have either just bought, or just received as a gift, a copper gardening tool. Or perhaps you have seen them somewhere and want to find out more about the benefits of copper gardening tools. I first saw them at a biodynamic farm in Berkshire a few years ago. Staff were using them in the most wonderful vegetable and fruit garden I have ever seen. There were some …