Chat With Annie Guilfoyle At Garden Masterclass

This Thursday March 31st 2022 I will be chatting on Zoom about topiary, with the lovely Annie Guilfoyle of Garden Masterclass. The time is 6pm-7pm UK time. Free to join, although a little donation to keep running these sessions is appreciated, please do join us for a few tips, tricks and techniques for pruning your hedges and shrubs. See you Thursday?


The Vegan Gardener – A New Book By John Walker

The Vegan Gardener is a new book by the brilliant garden writer John Walker, who you may better know as The Earth Friendly Gardener. I came across John’s work and writing years ago now, and was always struck by his passion and how directly he follows his instinct for using gardening as a way to better the world. His approach to living on this earth may be soft, light… but his writing is the opposite – hard, useful, straight talking advice on improving soils, not wasting sunlight and balancing garden predators with those who ‘prey’ on your plants. I interviewed …