Graffiti by Shane Koyczan

We have shared before a poem by Shane Koyczan, Canadian poet (and all round good egg…) He is currently touring the UK, so check out his website and see if he will be performing near you. This is his latest work, which we share on Modern Mint for a few reasons – the first is that we like it. That is important. The second is that we need to hear many different voices in life, to help us make sense of it. We can’t just focus on the garden, because what are we making the garden for? Thirdly, we get …



A Poem From Shane Koyczan

Just occasionally we come across a writer who shares something with us we really enjoy, that really hits the right button for that moment. This time, that writer is poet Shane Koyczan. As part of his newsletter, he sends out a new poem. Last month the poem was the one below, entitled ‘Whatever Mountain’. The lines ‘you will have won nothing by crossing this finish line / It exists / only to task you with discovering / how much deeper / you can go’ from the middle section felt extraordinary to read. It is a positive, powerful poem about moving forward. Sometimes, when we …



Tiny Buildings That Will Make You Laugh

Just wanted to point you to this collection of buildings that really do capture the ‘small is beautiful’ aesthetic… Here is our favourite: Is that not just the most beautiful green roof? To see more of this collection you can visit this Architectural Digest blog. Or see more of these buildings in greater detail by getting the Taschen book ‘Small Architecture Now!’ Enjoy!