Talking Grass

Talking Grass is a blog by writer Sara Gregson. We recommend you take a look as it pulls together the …



Contemporary Garden Design…

…would look nothing like in this picture. So what would it look like? What do people want? According to a survey conducted by the Horticultural Trades Association, there are several key ideas that go into making a contemporary garden: It must be tidy and easy to maintain. It must be centred around a social area – a patio evokes strong memories of happy times and associating with friends. It must prompt a feeling of ‘holiday’ (rather than ‘I have to go out and work on it.’) Sunshine, grass to walk on with bare feet, space for children to play and the …



The Alternative to Mowing

Over the weekend we saw an advert for Artificial Lawn that claimed it was the ‘only alternative to mowing!’ Let us be serious – that is no more than marketing hype, and a lie. The first alternative to mowing that springs to our mind is… don’t mow. Really, keep it that simple, and don’t mow. Let the grass grow longer, flower and set seed… and see how the garden looks. You might be surprised by what grows when a lawnmower is not cutting the heads off a plant every week through the growing season – orchids have even been known to …



The Most Important Lawncare Question

The most important lawncare question… …is what do you want your lawn to do? If you want a fine, green, healthy, thick, lush, short sward that is moss free, your children can play football on when it rains, cricket on when it is bone dry, the dog can urinate all over and can take a marquee stuck on top of it for a week… then you will need to invest a lot of resources to make that happen. But if you want a hard-wearing lawn that looks good – that is possible, and can be achieved with a few simple treatments and …