My Garden

My Garden is the title of the final chapter in Russell Page’s ‘The Education of a Gardener’… In it he …



Val Bourne’s 5 Golden Rules of Planting

For those of you who missed the Gardens Illustrated piece, here are five pieces of advice by ‘Natural Gardener’ Val Bourne. You can’t go far wrong if you stay close to these… 1) Plant diversely and densely – using trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, ferns, bulbs and grasses. 2) Have flowers throughout the year – particularly early on, to help sustain bumble and solitary bees. 3) Only grow what suits your soil and enhances your setting. 4) Only grow plants that are worth a place in your garden. 5) Put your plants in the right place – this basic approach helps avoid disease. The …



Contemporary Garden Design…

…would look nothing like in this picture. So what would it look like? What do people want? According to a survey conducted by the Horticultural Trades Association, there are several key ideas that go into making a contemporary garden: It must be tidy and easy to maintain. It must be centred around a social area – a patio evokes strong memories of happy times and associating with friends. It must prompt a feeling of ‘holiday’ (rather than ‘I have to go out and work on it.’) Sunshine, grass to walk on with bare feet, space for children to play and the …



What is Modern Mint about?

We design and build gardens in Essex and London – at least, that’s the simple nuts and bolts answer. But we are also influenced by writers like Seth Godin… How inspiring is his advice below on how your business could behave? Focus on doing the work Relentlessly get better Ship the work Rack up small wins Earn one fan at a time This encapsulates beautifully what we are trying to do and could just as well be the ‘About Us’ page on the Modern Mint website. We would love to hear from you about transforming your outdoor space. Perhaps you …