Debunking Myths Of Tree Planting

I love working with Trees For Life , a charity in Scotland who plants trees.

So far Modern Mint has planted 195 trees – including pines, rowans and oaks – to do as much as we can to make the business as green as possible. You can help too – just visit the Modern Mint Grove at Trees For Life and for £6 per tree you can get some planted.

I’m writing this today because of a report I saw on the BBC this morning about Tottenham being top of the sustainability table. Spurs top of the table huh? Something for their fans to enjoy….!

Points were awarded to each Premiership club for things like:

  • Clean energy
  • Transport links
  • Water efficiency
  • Plant-based food options
  • Removal of single use plastics
  • Waste management

It is a great way of making a statement about what you are doing to make your club carbon zero. I know that, due to the pandemic, I have significantly reduced the travel I do to give talks around the country. Talks by Zoom means my mileage is now 20% of what it was in 2019.

Long may that continue…

At home we have used the green energy supplier Bulb for the last few years. You can get a quote from them here – Green Energy For You!

Tree Planting Golden Rules

The BBC also did this report debunking myths over tree planting. Their golden rules include:

  • Protect existing forests (old forests soak up carbon best… well, if you want to nit-pick the ocean and the soil hold the most carbon, so make sure you treat the ground you grow your plants in well. But trees are beautiful and provide food and habitat for so much wildlife that not to plant them seems ridiculous. Surely life is better with a grove of trees in the landscape? Or a leafy boulevard?)
  • Select the right tree species (a eucalyptus that soaks up all the groundwater is no good for a site that needs to grow food. It will take more than it gives! But a tree that provides leaf fodder for animals, as well as timber as material for housing, or soft shade for growing a wider range of plants, or a tree that has roots that can break up the ground and improve drainage… native species are probably most suitable, but the right tree in the right place is what we are after…)
  • Learn by doing (get your hands dirty before you go big, to make sure the trees will be right for the location.)

Plant A Tree Today

How green are you? Your business?

These questions are worth trying to answer. They are simple to start doing as well – you can visit Bulb right now and get a quote for green energy to use at home, or for a few quid you can plant a tree today.

Visit the Modern Mint Grove now to make a difference.



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