Essex Herb Group

‘Heaven Scent’ is the topic of the next meeting of Essex Herb Group. Date: 17th May Venue: Farmhouse of the Cressing Temple Barns, Braintree Time: 2pm To book your place email – no prior knowledge of herbs necessary! And for one of the best writers about herbs…


What is Modern Mint about?

We design and build gardens in Essex and London – at least, that’s the simple nuts and bolts answer. But we are also influenced by writers like Seth Godin… How inspiring is his advice below on how your business could behave? Focus on doing the work Relentlessly get better Ship the work Rack up small wins Earn one fan at a time This encapsulates beautifully what we are trying to do and could just as well be the ‘About Us’ page on the Modern Mint website. We would love to hear from you about transforming your outdoor space. Perhaps you …




Hedges were grown for practical purposes, the most obvious examples being to keep livestock in the right field and marauding invaders at bay (hedges still do this job, but the marauding invaders now are rabbits, not William the Conqueror.) In 1349 when the Black Death hit, resources were depleted and hedges and woodlands that had been put in during Anglo-Saxon times were degraded and decaying as a result. It was Henry VIII who, taking land away from the church and giving it to his courtiers, made the next changes to the look of Britain. Huge sums of money were being made in the wool trade and …