Running Low

Sorry to people asking for some of our pruning tools, but we have run out of a few items and …



Josh The Gardener & His Well-Used Hori Hori

Here is a little post from Josh The Gardener on Instagram, sharing a photo of his well-used hori hori gardening knife that he bought form us awhile back…. This is my indispensable Niwaki Hori-Hori that I got from the lovely people at @modernmintshop . They’re a small company dealing with stunning tools, alongside a brilliant range of gardening gifts. The great news is that if you type in josh17 at the checkout, you’ll get free delivery to the U.K! Go and check them out! A post shared by Josh (@josh_the_gardener) on Nov 25, 2017 at 3:04am PST Have you got …



Charles Dowding on Copper Tools

Hydra Hoe tool charles dowding

Charles Dowding, from his book on Vegetable Gardening, on why he uses copper tools in the garden… “My favourite tools are made of copper, or to be precise they are 95 per cent copper and 5 per cent tin … the metal is strong, not magnetic and does not rust. This is a keen advantage for trowels, hoes and spades where smooth, sharp blades make for effortless use, and there is no need for regular cleaning or oiling to protect the metal. “Although the copper alloy is a little less hard than iron, and might suffer in soils with flint …



How To Sharpen Shears

Shears Ultimate gift set

We often get asked – how do I sharpen my shears? In this blog, we will give you simple to follow instructions on exactly how to do it. But first, you have to have the right shears and the right equipment….     Our hedge shears of choice are these red and white handled ones from Japan.   They look the bees knees. And they are. The steel is incredible, meaning it is sharp enough to cut the vegetation you want cut down. Because the steel is so good, you can also sharpen it back to factory sharpness. Cheap steel, …