Modern Topiarist @ Garden Masterclass Poland

My video on Modern Topiary for Garden Masterclass has been translated into Polish, for the keen gardeners (and happy pruners!) of Garedn Masterclass in Poland.

Tickets for the first showing and q and a were available here. But it will become available on the Garden Masterclass Poland website at some point in the near future – so if you are a keen clipper and want to know more, but speak Polish and not English, then I suggest you visit the website and get watching. (Of course, if you don’t speak English, you may not be able to read this…. hmmm… these words then redundant, and I feel trapped in a conundrum as I continue to write….)

But hopefully this Polish translation will help someone!

And we upgrade the culture of pruning in yet another country – woohoo! Green Architecture in the garden rules!

For the original version of this talk you can see the link on the teaching page.


EBTS Boxwood Growers Forum

Through the European Boxwood and Topiary Society I worked with Chris Poole and Sue Mesher, members of the EBTS board, and we set up a Boxwood Growers Forum. This was to discuss how to make sure this wonderful topiary plant stays in the public conscioussness – we know many growers, suppliers and distributors have stopped selling it as the cost of replacing boxwood that has blight, or is nibbled by the boxwood caterpillar, makes it unviable to offer to clients and gardeners. But Boxwood is a phoenix plant, and there are ways to deal with the problems associated with Buxus. …



Topiary Hotline

The European Boxwood & Topiary Society are to run a Topiary Hotline for keen gardeners and people who love to clip. Date is tomorrow, April 16th 2024, and you can get a ticket for the Zoom meeting here – Topiary Hotline. Run by Chris Poole and myself, we set this up as an antidote to the huge amount of questions we have to answer about topiary throughout the summer. The plus is that their is an excitement around topiary and pruning. The problem is we need to help people in a better way… … so we will be giving people …



Public Topiary Garden In Hong Kong

I have recently been employed by Gillespies Landscapes to help with a new public topiary garden in Hong Kong, to be cultivated at the bottom of a new skyscraper – The Henderson – which was designed by Zaha Hadid Agency. This is such an exciting project, giving clipped shapes of Carmona a chance to show off what topiary in a garden can do… they will lead the eye and people around the space, offer comfort and tactility to the people who sit on the benches and lean back against these large hedges, and transform the atmosphere for people who visit …