Turf War: The Pros and Cons of Natural and Artificial Grass

(This is a guest post from Anthony Gallagher, Managing Director of Easigrass.) A lot of people still tend to scoff at the idea of artificial grass, but others are starting to realise just how much fake grass has improved. It is now being seen as a genuine, worthwhile alternative to natural grass for a range of domestic and commercial settings. Artificial grass offers some genuine advantages, but also some drawbacks. Deciding which is best for you requires the careful consideration of a number of important factors. Appearance The big objection most people have to fake grass usually relates to its …



South African Meadow at Wisley

Pictures of the South African meadow at Wisley in 2014 – anyone notice what’s gone wrong? Wisley may have had a few problems this year, but to give you a hand on your meadow making journey, these books are well worth a read… Making a Wildflower Meadow Meadows



We run several lawncare programmes for clients in both Essex and Hampshire. We start our programmes by asking the client the most important lawncare question… When they have answered that (many clients are incredibly adept at describing what they want from their lawn) we devise them a programme that will help them get what they want. The lawn in the picture above is one we are now in our second year of working on. The client is pleased at how well it is standing up to conditions, but we think it would look even better if the client’s garden help …