Gilding the Lily – Amy Stewart (Part Three)

Gilding the Lily by Amy Stewart is about the cut flower industry. It is a brilliant book, making you question the role cut flowers (essentially a luxury item, already dying before they even get packed to be transported to the shop) have in our lives. (Here you can buy Gilding the Lily. While here is Part One from our blog. And here is Part Two.) This blog shares Amy Stewart’s conversation with florist shop owner Teresa Sabankaya from Santa Cruz, California… “My whole thing with flowers started in the garden. I love to see plants going from seed to seed, you know? We had 11 acres in Bonny …



Cut Flowers

Today we thought we would write about cut flowers again, taking inspiration from the book Vita Sackville-West’s Sissinghurst: The Creation of a Garden. We have written about this book before (try this blog post about Vita Sackville-West) but thought we would give a whole blog post to our favourite chapter – Cut Flowers. So, in the words of Vita, and with a little help from Sarah Raven, here are a few reasons to grow your own flowers for the vase… “A flowerless room is a soul-less room, to my thinking; but even one solitary little vase of a living flower …



Gilding the Lily – Amy Stewart (Part Two)

Gilding the Lily by Amy Stewart is the culmination of the research she did on the cut flower industry. It is a fascinating book that leaves you asking a lot of uncomfortable questions about what role cut flowers (a luxury item) play in your life. And of course, you start asking questions about where you get them from… (Here you can buy Gilding the Lily.  While here is Part One from our blog.) The research in the book is detailed enough that it gives a clear insight into how the cut flower industry works – from scaling up in operations to meet market demand at …