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Welcome to Modern Mint, for home and garden. We never intended to be a shop. We started as a garden design firm, helping people who felt overwhelmed by their garden learn, season by season, how to make it a beautiful place. To promote good garden practise we began adding articles to the Modern Mint website. There are now 100’s to explore ranging from environmental issues, to practical techniques for growing flowers, to discussing why we sell a particular item at Modern Mint. To help you explore it we have provided this Start Here page. Just scroll down to find what interests you the most! Start …



Soil Is Vital To Life

soil vital to life

The Soil Association, founded 70 years ago by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists, are a charity dedicated to promoting organic food and sustainable land use. They aim to tackle climate change, work with farmers to improve their growing practises, support high standards of animal welfare and give everyone access to food that is healthy and organically grown. What is not to like about a charity that does this? Some of the Soil Association’s past campaigns have included: Not In Our Bread – a movement to stop weedkiller being used on wheat crops. We have previously worked in the …