Gilding the Lily – Amy Stewart (Part One)

Gilding the Lily: Inside the Cut Flower Industry by Amy Stewart is about the life of a cut flower before it arrives in the shop. Her extensive research is a must-read – this is not a book designed solely for people interested in growing flowers, or people who love the beauty of flowers in the house – it is a book that has a wider focus and is able to join the dots between first world consumption, the quest for a luxury item and what happens to an industry when a product (and the people who create it) become a commodity measured …



Logs – Modern Mint

Autumn is arriving and nights are getting colder, so we need to start thinking about logs for the fire. Why you should use logs from Modern Mint… The logs we offer are guaranteed to have been seasoned for 1 year, with a low moisture content. All logs are sourced from the UK – Essex, South London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire. Buying logs from Modern Mint (and so from the UK) helps support work in native woodlands. Contact us now for prices! What are the best logs to use for your fire? In the words of ‘Woodsman’ Ben Law, you need …



NGS Sissinghurst

Earlier in the year we visited Sissinghurst, when they opened for the NGS scheme at 6am on a Sunday morning. It was brilliant to be there so early and we had the chance to talk with new(ish) head gardener Troy Scott Smith about how they are trying to ‘revitalise Vita’. The garden has changed a lot over the years, which is a good thing, but has lost a little of the ‘fine carelessness’ that drove the making of the garden. It is now the job of Troy and his team to bring a little of that chaos and looseness back …