When I.T. Matters

When It Matters designed our website. We know very little about websites and computers (we much prefer gardening) so they have been great for us to use – patiently explaining what we need to do and how to do it – without making us feel like idiots. They have an eye for design, for colour, for balance and we are so pleased with the website and how easily it works. If that sounds like the help you need, we recommend them to you… When I.T. Matters Centrepoint House, Surrey, GU1 4DA 01483 400631


Essex Wildlife Trust

One thing we’ve learned is that people in horticulture really are welcoming and keen to share their knowledge. And some people have a wealth of knowledge… Essex Wildlife Trust ran a wildflower id and survey skills course earlier this week, with local botanist and fern fanatic Tim Pyner. The day was spent wandering through the nature reserve at Leigh-on-Sea noting down what plants could be found, the results then being submitted to Plantlife in order to map the spread of species – and find out what has left and what has arrived! Tim was completely self-taught. He said, “I went out …



My Garden

My Garden is the title of the final chapter in Russell Page’s ‘The Education of a Gardener’… In it he lays out the garden he dreams of one day having… “The mood I seek above all is one of relaxation given by a garden, easy and untortured, in which plants, however rare and strange, will grow and take their place naturally and discreetly.” We have moved to Chelmsford recently from Hampshire, to design gardens in the drier Essex landscape, and have reduced our garden down to an allotment and a balcony. The problem with being a gardener (and Russell Page …