World Topiary Day 2022

World Topiary Day 2022 is on Thursday, May 12th this year – so just a few weeks away now Easter has passed!

If you are keen on topiary, here are my recommendations for how to celebrate or get involved and learn a little more about pruning, and causing havoc with your shears, this World Topiary Day…

World Topiary Day In The USA

Join myself via Zoom from the Madoo Conservancy, the garden of the late painter Robert Dash, to learn about topiary composition and how to improve your garden with a few of the right cuts.

If you are in the USA – especially near New York! – you can also join me at Madoo after World Topiary Day, and join in two workshops I am running on the Friday and Saturday.

Madoo Gardens

Where else in the USA can you celebrate World Topiary Day 2022?

Try Ladew Topiary Gardens, a 22 acre space with over 100 topiaries, named one of the top 5 gardens in North America. Just north of Baltimore, the historic house was designed and developed by Harvey Ladew, and it has these wonderful ‘Hunt’ topiaries….

How much fun is this photo! Ladew Topiary Garden opened in April, and has a wonderful garden festival on May 7th.

Ladew in winter…

(I love topiary gardens in winter, when everything is calm and the cold and ice accentuates the shapes you have clipped. Here are some topiary hedges I cut in January…

And In The UK?

In the UK you can visit the garden that started World Topiary Day – Levens Hall!

An extraordinary garden that has had only 10 head gardeners – just 10! – tending the topiary since it was laid out in the late 17th Century…. they chose to be mad about topiary on May 12th because that is when the ‘Radish Festival’ use to take place.

See the Levens Hall website for more details about the bizarre goings-on of the Radish Festival (you may already be thinking the privileged, white male ego has something to do with it… and you would be right!) but though World Topiary Day at Levens may not be quite as riotous, I would recommend you visit then and mark this piece of history…

… and marvel at the riotous topiary they have!

Other Gardens To See On World Topiary Day

The European Boxwood & Topiary Society has a fantastic map of every garden opening specifically for the day, so you can easily find somwhere to visit near you.

It also links to gardens in France…

Check out the EBTS World Topiary Day Garden Page for more.

Busy on the day itself? Don’t despair, I recently did a Garden Masterclass chat on Modern Topiary, to give you a little food for thought about how and why you might clip.

The perfect accompaniment to your garden visits, but available as and when you have the time!

And finally…

What About On The Far Side Of The World?

Topiary has got two fantastic enthusiasts in Australia, Lucy and Richard Marshall, who have a garden called Merribee. They are setting up the Australian and New Zealand Buxus and Topiary Society… you can find them on Instagram if you need more information for now.

Very excited about their topiary and hedging festival, which will be on at the same time as these other gardens share their clipped shapes in May!

So there you have it. Lots to see and visit on World Topiary Day, which this year is May 12th 2022.

For more about my work, you can take a look at some photos here.

Or join me from Madoo on May 12th…


Selection Of Topiary Videos To Help You Clip

Over the last two years I have been involved with a couple of projects that have ended up being recorded, then placed on Youtube or Instagram. I’m hoping they will be useful to you, so I have decided this morning to pop them together in one handy blog post so that you can bookmark the page and revisit when you need some inspiration for your topiary. See below then, a few videos about topiary I have recently been involved with… Garden Masterclass – Provocations of a Modern Topiarist Transforming Topiary Topiary Teacher Put On The Spot In the above …



Mark Zlotsky – Topiary Tango In New York

Mark Zlotsky is an artist based in New York, and today I just wanted to share his project ‘Topiary Tango’. In his introduction to the project he talks of topiary being a forgiving art, which I love and is soooooo true…..! For proof, just take a look at some projects I have made with a sharp pair of shears, a hedgetrimmer and a pruning saw. Do check out Mark Zlotsky’s project, because although his interest began by looking at topiary through the prism of architecture and the relationship of one building to another, he touches directly onto a way of …



Gardenista Interview – I Talk About Modern Topiary

Gardenista, the online magazine about gardens and design, have interviewed me about topiary. The article is called ‘Rethinking Topiary: A Garden Tradition Loosened Up’ and was published this morning. Written by the excellent garden writer Clare Coulson, I share some thoughts on using deciduous plants, how to clip (name-dropping Anne Lamott and her book on writing at one stage… oh, how I wander off subject sometimes!) and how to improve topiary by what you plant around it. Do take a look at the article in Gardenista. Or for more about my topiary work, check out the topiary page.