Horace on Gardening

Roman poet Horace said: This was in my prayers: to have a parcel of land not too large, With a garden there and a spring of fresh water by the house, And, with these, a piece of woodland. This sounds like a wonderful prayer to us…      


The Beth Chatto Gardens

The great writers have a wide range about their work. They will go from a tragic scene to a comedic scene, melodrama to vulgarity, realism to fantasy…and tie it all together, make it seem as if this width of styles fits together seamlessly and simply…because it does. It gets described as ‘their’ style. Would you strive for the same in your garden? This is not easy to do, it takes a lot of experience, and practise. It takes guts to try it. To be bold! Beth Chatto is an example of someone who did this. She drew on what she …