“It’s Not Like School At All”

“It’s Not Like School At All. First You Get The Test, And Then Afterwards You Spend Years Findin’ Out How You Passed It.”

Terry Pratchett, Wee Free Men

We hope this inspires you to be brave and explore a craft – gardening, baking, knitting, stonemasonry, organic topiary – to just go for it, and put yourself in a situation where you have to observe, and think, in order to work out the answer.

It is the best way to start – so go, now, and discover what you can do.


How To Sharpen Your Shears – A Video With Tips!

prune boxwood june

I was asked by the European Boxwood & Topiary Society to help out with answering a common question – How to sharpen your shears? So we spent a fun day making a video, that hopefully will help you make sure you have sharp, shiny blades to do your topiary pruning with. And you can find here more examples of the topiary I make with my sharp blades.


How To Use Topiary In The Garden – Talk Via Zoom

You can get a ticket for this new talk I’m giving at the European Boxwood And Topiary Society here – TALK TICKETS It is on the 25th August at 6pm. It should be great fun and I’m very excited to be sharing some recent thoughts about topiary with people – and how it might work in a modern garden.


The Telegraph Wrote About My Topiary Work Yesterday

If you have a subscription, you can check out an article about bespoke ideas for your garden in the Telegraph. There are some great crafts people there, so check it out. Click Here To See The Article About my Topiary Work In The Telegraph