Flowers from the Farm

Oak House 23


For fresh cut flowers straight from the British countryside (see the vase in the picture above) please speak to the good people at Flowers from the Farm. They are a network of growers and farmers who are trying to put seasonal flowers back into the thoughts of the British public.

We love what they are doing and urge you to support them! Go check them out now!

(Or at least grow your own, just like we did in the picture above…)


Hardy Plant Society Middlesex Talk Notes

On Monday night I gave a talk to the Hardy Plant Society Middlesex. Below are a few links for further information based on some of the ideas discussed in the talk: Real Seeds – a fantastic supplier of fruit and vegetable seeds for growers. Boxwood Caterpillar Advice – from the European Boxwood & Topiary Society. I will also write a little companion piece this winter with more information and some topiary techniques, so watch out for that on this website. Boxwood Lure & Nematodes – my preferred option for dealing with the caterpillar. Discount code for 10% off is EBTSBOX29GBZ …



Photos Of Some Recent Topiary I’ve Clipped

Some recent work over the last year or so, clipping boxwood and holly hedges, yew topiary on top and fun, organic shapes. Contact me if you need some topiary clipping and we can chat about the possibilities. Darren