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Garden Consultancy

“Darren has a keen sense of the look and feel of a garden and is always following garden ideas both from the UK and internationally. Our only regret is that we did not implement more.”

Tim, Berkshire Client, UK

If you are a keen gardener, but perhaps you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you with your space, then a garden consultation may be for you.

It is one of the most popular services I offer. Probably because it is great value for what you get.

garden consultancy pond

“Thank you for today, we are both greatly enthused and fingers are itching to get in the garden and start.  Very much looking forward to your consultation document.”

Mrs Starr, Essex Client, UK

Garden Consultancy: Why Is It Great Value?

  1. Saves Money – instead of a long, drawn out garden design you pay for just two separate parts – the time I spend with you and the write up of the consultancy report. On-site you will get lots of information. This help will then be packed into the report, giving you all the tools you need to move forward with your garden at the pace your budget allows.
  2. You May Not Need Concept Plans And Drawings – you may wish to just work with existing features, needing guidance on where to be bolder with what you currently have. I can help you pick at the threads that are already working in your garden, whilst gently and logically adapting the parts you are not so happy with until you get something that works for you. I have a lot of experience and patience in helping clients get the garden they want. I do my best to be generous and make the process as simple as possible, putting your wants and needs first.
  3. You Learn What Your Garden Needs – instead of charging in, changing the garden around in a huge upheaval and then leaving, I will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to make your garden work for you. Labour-saving techniques are shared and the time is taken to make sure you are happy with what you have to do to keep your space growing and flourishing as time goes on.
  4. Solutions Are Found To Problem Areas – I have worked on lots of gardens over the years, and love the problem solving aspect of garden making. Most of the time it is about noting the most difficult problems, then finding solutions to that first. When you have a plan for these parts, the rest of the garden often unfolds quite logically, because the biggest issues have been dealt with while making the minimum of fuss.

“Darren was excellent at making sure not only did we reorganise the garden but that it was hugely enjoyable and beautiful at the same time.”

Angela, Hampshire Client, UK

What Does The Garden Consultancy Offer?

  1. Long-term vision to knit the garden together.
  2. Workable techniques to reduce maintenance.
  3. Help with planting ideas and redesigning borders.
  4. Guidance for you on understanding how the garden works.
  5. Honest help choosing the best products – whether tools, planters, fertilisers or furniture.
  6. A maintenance plan so you know exactly when to act.
  7. Practical suggestions on how to help wildlife.
  8. Tackling problem areas head on – whether it be dogs, children, rabbits, waterlogged lawns, shady borders or managing large trees, Darren can find the answers to help you.

“Not only was he passionate about transforming the garden to the beautiful borders of today but also meticulous in his research. Friendly and reliable I could not recommend him more highly.”

Ian, Berkshire Client, UK

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Who Is The Garden Consultancy For?

Beginner gardeners, keen gardeners who need a sounding board, gardeners who need inspiration, businesses, schools, charities, people buying a house, people selling a house, those who are planning a wedding in the garden, those who love topiary, those who need to reduce maintenance, those with children, those who want a garden to suit their lifestyle or perhaps just want a place to grow vegetables, flower or herbs.

The garden consultancy is for those who need help with their garden.

“Thank you so much for coming over and assessing our garden and for sending through your wonderful report. We are filled with good ideas and inspiration.”

Carrie, Essex Client, UK

How Does It Work?

  1. You contact us with your initial thoughts about your garden – what you want changed, how you need help.
  2. We visit your garden and chat with you – improvements are suggested on-site and questions are answered.
  3. We write you a report detailing what was discussed on-site and cover any aspects you need to move your garden forward.

This garden consultancy document will be the key to helping you get the garden you want.

“A genuine garden lover and as a result exceptionally committed to his work.”

Mrs Barnes, Hampshire Client, UK

Contact us now so we can begin helping solve your garden problems.

Garden Design, Upminster

Why Use Darren From Modern Mint?

I can help you get the garden you want.

My main focus is on listening to what you need. I then hope to reflect this back to you, inspire you to see what your space can become and make sure the plans you have are well thought through and going to work.

I am on-hand to follow up any queries. I want you to develop a relationship with your garden, to not feel overwhelmed by it but instead feel invigorated to get out there and make the most of your garden space.

“Darren is aware it is important for an owner that the garden looks beautiful, but is also finished well and in the appropriate time. Enjoyment is key and he is very good at making this happen.”

David, Hampshire Client, UK

How Much Is The Garden Consultancy?

It is charged on an hourly basis, at £42 per hour. The on-site visit is often 2-4 hours. This is followed by a detailed written report sent to you within 7 days, normally taking anywhere from 4-12 hours. I can quote for this when we chat about your garden.

There is a minimum charge of 4 hours. Travel costs are charged when a client is based further than a 20 mile radius of Chelmsford.

“Thanks a lot! We both read the document and the details you have outlined and are really impressed. We are very excited.”

Client, Woodford Green, UK

“I am so excited it is certainly coming together. I really appreciate all your help!”

Client, Chelmsford, UK

“Your advice on the pros and cons of the different options was invaluable in helping us really understand the implications of what we were taking on.”

Client, North London, UK

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