Whittingham Garden Club

Thank you to all from Whittingham Garden Club who came to see my talk on Friday night, it was lovely to meet you all and it was a lot of fun sharing ideas with you about how to look after the garden. Below are a few notes on things we spoke about, like plants for bees, no-dig gardening, wool compost, organic bulbs and more…. 1. The Best Plants for Bees The most valuable plant that has come up in research conducted by Rosy Bee is Helenium. For a few more notes on what to do to help the bees, take …



Garden Design Trends 2017

Garden design trends for 2017! Here we go again Modern Minters! We have peppered you over the last few years with our notes on what the garden media suggests are the trendiest, hippest, most up-to-date elements that should ideally be in your garden. This year is going to be no different! Read about the Garden Design Trends for 2014 Read about the Garden Design Trends for 2015 Read about the Garden Design Trends for 2016 Feel so overwhelmed in trying to keep up with Garden Design Trends you need something calming? Don’t blame you for feeling that way by the …



Gregory Porter… 17 and a 1/2 minutes of bliss….

For the gardener, it is easy to be impatient at this time of year – you may want to get out, plant some seeds, get growing and cutting back. But it is still just a touch too cold. Give it another week or so, let those cold winds warm up, let the soil get a bit more heat in it, so that when you finally plant your seedlings they will romp away in happiness. What can you do to remain patient? Listen to Gregory Porter for 17 and a half minutes, and just relax…. “Rest here in my garden….”