Capture Carbon In Your Garden

plants capture carbon

Can your garden help reverse the effects of climate change? It most certainly can! Your garden can be an effective carbon sink, by using your plants and your soil to capture and store CO2. This Chelsea Fringe 2017 project, run by fringe regulars Modern Mint, will show you the simple yet positive actions you can take to make your garden a carbon capturing eco-system.     Share With Us How You Capture Carbon In Your Garden Please share this project with all of your gardening friends, or show us how you already capture carbon in your garden by using the …



Our Desert Island Plant

For the Chelsea Fringe 2016 Modern Mint are asking you a simple question: What is your Desert Island Plant? We know, we know – it is a tough question to answer! Out of all the plants out there, all the wonderful flowers you could choose – which could you not live without? See what other people have chosen. We thought long and hard about our choice. A few of the also-rans were: Wild primrose. The ‘first rose’ of the year, a simple flower with a beautiful soft colour. Looks as great en-masse as it does when you peer closely at …



Worth Checking Out… Desert Island Plants

Don’t forget we have our Chelsea Fringe 2016 project under way! We are looking for submissions of your Desert Island Plants, so do get in touch and tell us what flowers you can’t live without! Want to know what others have already sent us? Check it out – Desert Island Plants.