The Vegan Gardener – A New Book By John Walker

The Vegan Gardener is a new book by the brilliant garden writer John Walker, who you may better know as The Earth Friendly Gardener.

I came across John’s work and writing years ago now, and was always struck by his passion and how directly he follows his instinct for using gardening as a way to better the world.

His approach to living on this earth may be soft, light… but his writing is the opposite – hard, useful, straight talking advice on improving soils, not wasting sunlight and balancing garden predators with those who ‘prey’ on your plants.

I interviewed John for this blog and he spoke about how he began making his ‘bracken-riddled’ garden in North Wales. Please do take a read here.

Or go buy his new book – The Vegan Gardener – to learn how to use vegan-organic techniques to be as friendly as possible to the planet.


Selection Of Topiary Videos To Help You Clip

Over the last two years I have been involved with a couple of projects that have ended up being recorded, then placed on Youtube or Instagram. I’m hoping they will be useful to you, so I have decided this morning to pop them together in one handy blog post so that you can bookmark the page and revisit when you need some inspiration for your topiary. See below then, a few videos about topiary I have recently been involved with… Garden Masterclass – Provocations of a Modern Topiarist Transforming Topiary Topiary Teacher Put On The Spot In the above …



Mark Zlotsky – Topiary Tango In New York

Mark Zlotsky is an artist based in New York, and today I just wanted to share his project ‘Topiary Tango’. In his introduction to the project he talks of topiary being a forgiving art, which I love and is soooooo true…..! For proof, just take a look at some projects I have made with a sharp pair of shears, a hedgetrimmer and a pruning saw. Do check out Mark Zlotsky’s project, because although his interest began by looking at topiary through the prism of architecture and the relationship of one building to another, he touches directly onto a way of …



Gardenista Interview – I Talk About Modern Topiary

Gardenista, the online magazine about gardens and design, have interviewed me about topiary. The article is called ‘Rethinking Topiary: A Garden Tradition Loosened Up’ and was published this morning. Written by the excellent garden writer Clare Coulson, I share some thoughts on using deciduous plants, how to clip (name-dropping Anne Lamott and her book on writing at one stage… oh, how I wander off subject sometimes!) and how to improve topiary by what you plant around it. Do take a look at the article in Gardenista. Or for more about my topiary work, check out the topiary page.