Topiary Teaching For You

I am an experienced teacher of topiary and pruning, running workshops in the topiary garden of Charlotte Molesworth in Kent, as well as for The English Gardening School and The European Boxwood And Topiary Society.

teaching topiary

So if you are a keen gardener, a garden club, a group of friends who want to know more or even an absolute beginner who has been bitten by the gardening bug, then do contact me about what you might like to learn.

What a laugh we are having in this workshop session I ran for a group of friends in Essex…

Topiary Teaching

Many people employ me to come in and do the topiary and pruning work for them, but sometimes people don’t need me – what they need is a little inspiration, a little help with technique and design. They love their garden, and I for one love to encourage people to take ownership of what they have.

Teaching topiary is about allowing people to develop the instinct and eye for gardening and pruning they need to make the garden into something special, something that feels like it belongs in their home.

So one-to-one, or group teaching, in your own garden, is a perfect solution – you enjoy the time getting to know and understand what you need to do (and can do) whilst learning the foundations of being a good pruner.

teaching topiary again

If you think a workshop or some teaching might benefit you and your garden, then please do get in touch with me. Add the following details:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Where you are based
  • How many people might join – you alone, or in a small group
  • A general idea of the plants we could prune and practise on

Then I can get back to you and we can work out a plan of action for helping you learn to prune.

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Brought By Bike – Topiary Making

Brought By Bike is an excellent website I found last month, where businesses offer their services by (of course) bicycle. Modern Mint and my topiary work is now live on the site offering my topiary services, via bike, to the following two postcodes – CM1 CM2 Now I can imagine I will need to borrow a ladder should anyone have a larger shrub, but most town gardens in the Chelmsford area have a need not just for privacy but to let light into the house… so a balance must be struck when shaping hedges and shrubs to cover both needs. …



Transforming Topiary

topiary transforming

Transforming Topiary – a video made for the European Boxwood And Topiary Society by Charlotte Molesworth and I, in her garden. We take a dog topiary and work out how to update it, turning it into a bird. Worth a watch I think, and hopefully useful to you! You can see more of my clipping on the topiary page. Or read my Spring 2021 Topiary Provocation here.


Phillyrea From 1682

Worlidge Phillyrea

Phillyrea is one of my favourite plants for topiary. I have been using it for quite a few years as a specimen shrub, mostly due to the fact it clips well and has a tough habit – all good characteristics for a topiary plant. It also has a  reputation for being an excellent nectar source for bees… Read more about Phillyrea here. Mentioning this to Malcolm Thicke, a market garden historian and writer, he sent me a some photos of topiary and phillyrea mentioned by John Worlidge in Systema Horticulturae from 1682…. incredible! He also mentioned to me that in …