Topiary Provocation For Garden Designers

I am running a ‘Topiary Provocation’ for garden designers, via Zoom, over the next few weeks.

organic topiary snow

Dates are:

Tuesday 23rd March, 10am

Wednesday 24th March 7.30pm

Thursday 8th April, 7.30pm

The ‘provocation’ is for garden designers anywhere in the world, is free to join and will last about 45 minutes.

Places are limited to 12 per session, as I want to make sure we can share ideas about topiary and how it can be used (and managed) in a modern garden – especially if skill level and maintenance time is low.

I hope that I can provoke a discussion around ‘green architecture’ and the role it plays, whether in capturing carbon, providing havens for wildlife, adding a skeleton to a garden or contrasting weight to the lighter texture of flowers.

I also want to know if there is a trend or leaning towards certain shapes, and what shapes and designs we can begin using in the future.

Finally, we will look at maintenance and the effect of pests and diseases on topiary, especially boxwood…

The ‘provocation’ should offer up exciting ideas for the use of topiary in modern gardens, and if you are a garden designer then please do book your spot on one of the dates – and I look forward to meeting you.

Darren, Topiary Artist (see some of my work here…)

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