Chelsea Fringe 2014: You Should Have Seen it Last Week!

All gardeners do it – point out the barely noticeable weed seedling tucked into the depths of a vast rhododendron, or apologise over the peony that has collapsed into a soggy heap – as if their companion was aghast and repulsed by the lack of horticultural skill on show.

“You should have seen it last week…” the proud gardener mutters, chastising themselves for their negligence and diving onto their hands and knees, backside thrust into the air, rooting out any stray plants that ruin their vision of perfection.

The companion smiles nervously, wondering why the gardener makes such a fuss… looking around they are content to just be in this outdoor space.

This project aimed to give hard working gardeners a break.

From May 17th to June 8th 2014, photographers from three different continents took a picture of their garden everyday, creating a gallery of plants from different places and climates, enabling us to see exactly how they changed over time.

Click on the name of each contributor to see the gallery:

Amalia Robredo, Uruguay

Willow Jeffries, Italy

Sophie, Australia

Essex, UK

Anthea Harrison, UK

Mr and Mrs Thorne, Germany

Gloria Sanvicente Amor, Belgium

Oana, UK

Hertfordshire, UK

Hope you enjoyed this project, thank you,
Darren Lerigo
Director, Modern Mint