How To Prune Wisteria In Winter & Summer

wisteria pruning

How do you prune a wisteria people ask me. When is the best time? Winter? Again in summer? What are the differences? There are quite a few questions about it and, as I spend a lot of time doing it I thought I would share my thoughts. This will hopefully make it easy for you, because as with most pruning, it is simple – it just takes time to do it well. How To Prune Wisteria In Winter Winter pruning of wisteria is the key one for me. I put a ladder against the wall of the house I’m working …



Easy Topiary To Start At Home

not easy topiary figure

Easy topiary for a beginner to start with? Here are the two shapes you should learn to make first…. 1 – Balls 2 – Cones Even wonky cones like in this photo! (With thanks to the European Boxwood And Topiary Society (EBTS) for most of the photos in this blog post. Please do check out the amazing work they do researching ways to stop Boxwood Caterpillar!) Easy Topiary Shapes – Balls & Cones By starting your topiary making with balls and cones, you make your life easy. They are simple shapes, but they are also strong, effective templates for more …



When To Prune Boxwood Topiary, Hedges Or Trees

prune boxwood

When to prune boxwood? A question I get asked at just about every talk I ever give! So below I will explain when to do it, from the traditional time (put this in your diary for a simple life) through to what I believe is the best time to prune your boxwood. Do note all boxwood pruning times I talk about cover boxwood in any form – from topiary, to hedges whether large or small and around your vegetable patch, and even for boxwood trees. This photo is from years ago, but I actually worked on this hedge again last week (early …