Organic Topiary Blobs

organic topiary blob autumn

How Organic Topiary can change each year… Summer 2019   Autumn 2020   I wonder if my mood on the day I clipped changed how I cut the piece? From the softness and the curves of 2019, to the edged, more nuanced and angular ‘sculpture’ of last week…. What will the next 18 months bring for this piece? If you would liek to see more of my topiary, go here.


Need A Talk For Your Garden Club Via Zoom?

Need a talk for your garden club? Via Zoom because of Covid-restrictions this winter? Then I can help! It is great you are trying to keep your club going, and though Zoom is not the same as getting a group together and talking about gardening live, of the moment, right now it is the best alternative we have got. How I Do A Zoom Talk For Your Garden Club I’m very happy to do Zoom talks and have moved about 20% online so far (from end of March 2020 to the start of October 2020) – although that number is …



Zoom Talk For Garden Clubs

Just a quick message from a garden club last night after I gave a talk for them via Zoom… Hi Darren, We would just like to thank you for a very enjoyable and fun talk this evening for our first Zoom meeting! Think we can say that everyone enjoyed it, we have already had positive feedback from some of the members, obviously the way forward at the moment! We were certainly very pleased with the turn out for the first virtual meeting!   If you are a garden club speaker and want to give it a try, then please do …