Tiny Buildings That Will Make You Laugh

Just wanted to point you to this collection of buildings that really do capture the ‘small is beautiful’ aesthetic… Here is our favourite: Is that not just the most beautiful green roof? To see more of this collection you can visit this Architectural Digest blog. Or see more of these buildings in greater detail by getting the Taschen book ‘Small Architecture Now!’ Enjoy!


From Bee Magnet To Babe Magnet

Yep, lovely Modern Minters, we are going to make this call – right now, in 2017, if you have a garden that helps the bees then that makes you sexy. But how does that work? Can you really become a babe magnet just by encouraging bees to your garden? Yes. Yes you can. As you probably know, we need bees. They pollinate our tastiest food – think tomatoes, strawberries, apples… and there is a growing body of evidence that suggests bee pollinated food is healthier, tastier (because it has a better sugar to acid ratio) and keeps longer, meaning you …



Whittingham Garden Club

Thank you to all from Whittingham Garden Club who came to see my talk on Friday night, it was lovely to meet you all and it was a lot of fun sharing ideas with you about how to look after the garden. Below are a few notes on things we spoke about, like plants for bees, no-dig gardening, wool compost, organic bulbs and more…. 1. The Best Plants for Bees The most valuable plant that has come up in research conducted by Rosy Bee is Helenium. For a few more notes on what to do to help the bees, take …