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Modern Mint. The Place For Modern Topiary

Hi, my name is Darren and I make topiary all over the UK, New York and Hong Kong.

I started Modern Mint in 2014 to help clients improve their topiary and the standard of clipping in their gardens. I love working with my hands, seeing a physical piece change by the end of the day, balancing forms to make a garden space work and providing habitat for wildlife.

If you are a keen gardener, a garden designer in need of help or just want to get creative I can support you by:

Renovating an old hedge, forgotten shrub or wayward topiary.

Teach you the craft and open the door to the art of pruning well.

Plant trees and hedges in your garden for the birds.

Topiary Make

How I Garden At Modern Mint

My work in the garden is done without chemicals. This means a garden will always be increasing life.

I believe a garden should help the honeybee.

I am convinced that soil is your ally. For your garden to thrive, cherish and improve the soil as much as you can.

This is me in the photo below. I smile a lot, and regret not doing up that extra button when this particular photo was taken….

Darren Lerigo Modern Mint

Still, too late to worry about that now…

If you want help with your topiary, do get in touch. I will reply to you as soon as I am in from the garden.

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